WordPress Bootstrap Themes

All our themes here at Hexater have Bootstrap baked into them. This just means it uses the framework to solve a number of code related problems… especially in the context of a responsive web (mobile phones, tablets, computers.. all with different screen sizes).

From their site:

Quickly design and customize responsive mobile-first sites with Bootstrap, the world’s most popular front-end open source toolkit…

Bootstrap really is a toolkit. It provides us all the tools necessary to build modern, responsive WordPress themes for you. We could design without worrying about the responsive versions. It just happened.. the framework did the heavy lifting.

When you look at one of our themes on a mobile device, you'll notice that it'll break down the content into predictable columns. It moves what's important to the top and moves the rest towards the bottom.

It also makes the Hexater experience predictable. Not only do our themes use our in-house proprietary framework in all cases to keep things predictable and easy to maintain, but because we use Bootstrap on all our themes, you always have a dependable, consistent experience.

There is another big benefit for all our themes being Bootstrap. Developers or Do It Yourself'rs that want to create their own page templates or override what we've built, should have an easy time because all they need to know is what version of Bootstrap that theme uses, and then they can develop new templates or sections with ease.

Back in 2014, I worked with a team to come up with a theme framework that would deliver on a mission to keep things simple, purpose-built and to provide an intuitive framework for our users to get sites up fast. And also deliver a theme that would stand the test of time. Almost 7 years later we're still going strong; as are our themes because they use a stable, well-supported framework developed from the ground up using Bootstrap.



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