WordPress – Put It ALL in the Theme.. forget plugins??

😮 This is probably going to be a controversial post in the WordPress community. But truth be told, I don't pay a lot of attention to what the higher up's or leaders at WordPress say we should be doing. I love them.. but I run things based on our core mission and responsibility (our users).

I am more interested in user experiences. I'm interested in the END-USER. Here's a little secret… the end-user has no clue what the codes doing in most cases; and doesn't care. They care about performance, ease of use and a theme getting the job done.

What they care about is that the experience setting up their website and content is as simple as possible. In any scenario when we're talking about products, you want to eliminate steps. AND not add extra steps and complicated processes just because someone says THAT IS THE WAY.

Here at Hexater very early on (we're talking the year 2014), we made a pretty specific design decision. We wanted our users to install a theme, import demo/sample content, follow a simple set of instructions.. 30 minutes they are ready to go. End of story. No plugins needed.

Now understand, I'm not talking about ‘essential plugins' here. Of course, you'll want to install your suite of plugins like SEO, Cache, Security, Forms, etc.. But what I'm talking about here is not having to install a plugin to actually enjoy all the features in your theme.

And there are a few exceptions if you need more than the ‘content' functionality. For example, Member Pod requires a free or paid 3rd party plugin to protect your pages and have a cart. Furniture Shop requires you to install WooCommerce to actually work at all. But the theme was built with WC as a requirement; for a specific use case. It delivers on our mission to make a theme “purpose-built”.

But I have heard the WordPress community talk about keeping logic, features, functions inside a plugin. The theme should just house the structure, styles, look and feel.

That's totally cool!

But just know that here at HEXATER we have taken the other route. We limit the need for other plugins.. we have eliminated added steps from the install process and provide you a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) WordPress experience. You are getting what you see on the demo.. layout and everything.

SIMPLE, EASY.. quick setups. We are taking the thinking out of setting up your websites. Just follow the steps.



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