2nd Generation Hexater Themes

Date: June 20th, 2020 | Category: News & Announcements

Here's a heads-up about a new behind the scenes initiative happening here at Hexater.

Most of our themes were built over a period of a couple years between 2014-18. Many have enjoyed upgrades along the way like moving from Bootstrap v3 to v4 (some were v4 from the get out.. those developed in later years), Font Awesome and other general improvements/updates. Bugs are fixed. We're always listening to users to help improve the themes overall.

But we're aware that the Internet moves fast.. as does WordPress development. A lots evolved and changed over these past few years.

Just to give you one simple example. When I personally developed the original framework for these themes and developed the first themes, we were sold on the Customizer. And we wanted to provide an options for someone to add their own CSS through the customizer. At the time, this didn't exist default.

Eventually WP introduced an ‘Additional CSS' section that in effect had us deprecate our feature. Funny thing is.. their feature showed up in the same section!! There were two CSS fields! 😆

Since then, Gutenberg (the block editor) was introduced.. along with many, many other changes.

The good news is we always followed the philosophy of doing things the ‘WordPress Way‘. So most of that hasn't been breaking changes on our end; our themes are simple. But certainly there are emerging ‘new ways of doing things' we could benefit from.

And beyond WordPress, core code is progressing.. CSS has introduced new features over the years. Some of it's baked into Bootstrap now (eg, Flexbox). But those things didn't exist when we started out on the Hexater theme journey back in 2014 (or weren't well supported by browsers).

So what do we do?

First, again, we could just keep our themes static as they are and they'll continue to work for years. We can continue to bug fix and patch if needed.

But, deep rooted, we believe in keeping up with new technologies and the progressing web.

Enters Generation 2 Themes

We have started a process of converting themes to what we are calling 2nd Generation.

We have developed a list of ‘required' improvements and upgrades for our themes to get this designation. A secret list.. shhhh… 😜

We have already started the journey with a few themes. One's super close.

As they release, you'll see a note in the ‘release notes' here in this blog and we'll add some sort of tag/notice on the product pages themselves.

Note also that not all our themes may become part of this new generation. Some will do just fine where they are and we will just continue to support them as usual. We are going to refine our catalog even more and a bunch of themes will float to the top as the cream of the crop.

And there starts a new chapter of Hexater.

We may adjust as we get closer, but the goal is to establish all the new generation themes and have them in place by years end.

Exciting stuff!

And along the way we will continue to tweak, add and/or improve features along the way.

Hexater's Future

As the owner of Hexater, it enjoys the fruits of my thinking. For good or for bad. But one of those fruits is that I don't believe any business, product or line needs stay static. And the business itself can morph over time.

The general mission statement of Hexater hasn't changed. But our catalog will. Our focus will. And it all will to serve you, the consumer, better and to make sure we'll have a place in the WordPress ecosystem for years to come.

Here's to a long, profitable relationship with you and all our fans! 🙌