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Create Your Perfect Website without the Headache or Hassle

We adhere to a deep, profit-impacting philosophy with our themes.  We put a great deal of thought and energy into our theme layouts and designs so you don’t need to – YOU can focus on what’s important!

You benefit from a company that has years of experience making millions of dollars online.  We know what matters most and how to build themes, funnels and landing pages to maximize conversions out of the box.

Ever heard of the Eisenhower Box?  If you haven’t, I’ll give you a high-level overview.  If you bind this into your thinking, your income can grow exponentially – even while working fewer and fewer hours.

Here’s how it works (see illustration on the right):

In the top left corner (things that are both important and urgent) you put things like deadlines, immediate problems, crises, etc.

In the top right corner, you put things like long-term projects planning, recreation, relationships, and so on.

In the bottom left corner goes things that kind of need to be done and which interrupt you from doing the things in the upper 2 quadrants.

In the bottom right, you just put all the time wasters. Social media, TV, whatever.

The items we’ve added are just an example… but how do these apply to Hexater themes?

We take the ‘thinking’ out of setting up your theme and eliminate time-wasting tasks.

Don’t spend hours dragging and dropping to try and get a set of elements just right that you have no idea will matter (be honest, you don’t until you launch this thing!).

Don’t spend hours traversing endless pages of settings and bloated admin areas and tweaking every little thing… things that again, probably don’t matter much.

Do you really know if “that text” would convert better if it was right-aligned instead of left?

Do you really know if that box was positioned underneath that section ‘there’ rather than where Hexater put it… will have a HUGE impact on your conversions??

“Oh no!  That image would look SO MUCH BETTER with a thick border and shadow… I better spend an hour figuring out how to add that.”

You can waste hours on things that you have no clue will matter! 

See what I’m getting at here?

Conversions… even if you have YEARS of experience making money with your business’, you really don’t know, in this particular case, whether these things matter to your audience.

Our themes are designed for those business owners who who understand this and know that their efforts short-term are MUCH BETTER spent on things like:

  • Marketing & Sales efforts off-site
  • Identifying and targeting the right traffic… and getting that traffic to your site!
  • Analyzing and making design or content changes after you have ‘real data’..

Once you have some revenue, then you can re-invest your time and money into the site.  By that time, you can even afford to hire a designer or developer to help improve or modify your site.

Hexater Saves You Time and Helps You Focus On What Matters

Perfect for Personal, Business, Designers & Developers!

All our themes are customizable and can be adapted to any niche or purpose; every stock image can be replaced with your own through WordPress’ built in customizer or the editor.

Hexater themes run on the world’s best Content Management System (WordPress!) so it’s easy to leverage the thousands of plugins available on the web.  We’ve taken great care to build themes that use WordPress’ best practices and each theme should get along with most well-built plugins.

If you are a designer or developer, these themes can form a perfect foundation for your next client.  Search our catalog to find a theme that makes sense for their business and either use them out of the box or customize them.

You can customize colors using our color workshop and schemes.  Utilize the additional CSS boxes for quick edits and simple changes.  Or each is delivered with a convenient “Child Theme” so you can modify to your hearts delight, make more sweeping customizations… while still benefiting from regular updates and fixes over the coming years.

WordPress Tutorials

Whether you have some experience and need to brush up your WordPress skills or are just starting out, we have you covered.  Included with your Hexater membership you get access to a 20-part series all about WordPress.

Here are some of the covered topics:

  • The WordPress Dashboard
  • Posts vs Pages
  • Creating a New Post
  • Adding Photos and Images
  • Using the Media Library
  • Useful Tools
  • And More!

With this series and the User Guides you get with EVERY theme, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a WordPress pro!  When you login, you’ll see a link to our tutorials on the sidebar.

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