Lead Display – Version 1.2.0

Lead Display 1.2.0 is now available!

This is our first 2nd Generation Release!! Enjoy a range of new updates and features.

Also includes from our last update: Bootstrap 4, Font Awesome 5

Included Updates:

  • Removed old default footer
  • reordered customizer sections and panels
  • NEW FEATURE: 2nd generation color workshop
  • cf7 form styles
  • NEW FEATURE: 2nd generation typography/font options feature
  • now have 6 fonts to choose from
  • NEW FEATURE: ads can now be assigned a order and position in the blog list.
  • NEW FEATURE: added additional informational/info fields in the metabox (client, product, company, other details)
  • NEW FEATURE: dedicated directory template/page. It will ‘only' show ads; you'll need to simply tick the ‘Include in Lead Directory?' box in the editor/metabox.
  • NEW FEATURE: created a ‘main grid' template so the grid can be assigned to any page; not just the blog list page.
  • New updates to the post metabox, better organization, instructions and the additional fields from the above features.
  • Content can be added above the grid if you use the new grid or directory templates! Uses the default editor content.. so supports Gutenberg!
  • A variety of other small bug fixes, tweaks and improvements.


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