The Customizer – Global Content, Preview

We made a design decision many years ago here at Hexater (2014). That decision was that our themes would heavily lean into the WordPress-way.

Those were the early days of the Customizer but, to us, it made a TON of sense to use this feature to add and build content on the front-end. Especially our home pages.

All our front pages (home pages) leverage a ‘Front Page Settings' panel in the customizer where you can work your way through each section and add content. Super easy!

But the BIG benefit is you can see those changes as you make them in the preview window!

Hey, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel. And our investment really paid off.. we will be phasing in new features around blocks and full-site editing in the coming years. But today, our original design decision, I would argue, is still a GREAT approach with static content; maybe even easier than searching for and dragging/dropping/editing blocks. 😉



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